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Shopify & Facebook Ads on Steroids

Save hours of daily work. Find laser targeted audiences and scale your Facebook Ads 100x faster than your competitors. Start automating your scaling TODAY!

Why Scalify

Why Scalify?

If you use Facebook to promote your products, you should be already familiar with the concepts of custom audiences, lookalike audiences, retargeting, split testing, audience breakdown...

These concepts are vital when optimizing and scaling your ads.

However, the process of working with audiences and launching new ad sets manually is very tedious, takes a long amount of time and quickly gets messy, to the point where you get too lazy to do it.

This is where Scalify comes into play.

Scalify completely eliminates the tedious manual work so you can save hours of daily boring tasks and scale your ads as hard as you want. In just a few clicks, you can...

Automate Your Scaling

Scalify takes care of all the repetitive and time consuming tasks involved in scaling your Facebook Ads, saving you a massive amount of daily time consuming manual work, giving you a real competitive edge over your competitors.

Customer LTV Lookalike Audiences

Target people who are similar to your existing customers. These people will more likely purchase from you as they share the same interests and behavior of your customers.
You can also add an LTV (lifetime) filter to only match the high spending customers.

Website Traffic Lookalike Audiences

Use your previous website traffic data to create Lookalike Audiences of visitors who have viewed your product, clicked add to cart, initiated checkout, added payment info or purchased. Scalify also supports multiple pixels for data collection and optimization.

Video Views Lookalike Audiences

Use data from your video views to run ads targeting people who are interested in your products. Usually, people who completed watching your video are the most interested ones. Running an ad to a lookalike audience of those people is a smart idea.

Retarget Potential Customers

Retarget potential customers who have already showed interest in your product, by watching your video, or by taking an action on your site without completing the purchase, using the page post you choose to preserve enagement.

Dynamic Product Catalog Retargeting

DPA retargeting ads target shoppers with a dynamic carousel to remind them of products they viewed but didn't buy. Big companies like Amazon and ebay do this all the time as they are ones of the most powerful ad strategies.

Easy Custom Conversions

Custom Conversions allows you to track specific actions people take on your store for specific niches and products you have. With Scalify, you can create Facebook Custom Conversions easily without having to fiddle around with content IDs.

As we all know scaling your campaigns and taking them to the next level requires a LOT of testing and a LOT of audiences combinations. The more segments you create and test, the more revenue you’ll be able to generate. That’s where Scalify with it’s very intuitive interface comes super handy! It enables you to create all these segments automatically with a couple of button clicks! I highly recommend it.
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Yousef Khalidi

Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Generate and target hundreds of new Lookalike Audiences

In just a few clicks, you can create hundreds of unique Lookalike audiences and target each one in its own ad set. Gone are the days where you had to sit and create your audiences manually. With its powerful backend processing algorithm, Scalify does all the heavy lifting for you. Scaling your Facebook ads is now a walk in the park.

Install Scalify
Lookalike Audiences

Lifetime Value Based Lookalikes

One of the best ways to scale your campaigns is using lookalike audiences of your existing customers. These people will more likely purchase from you as they share the same interests and behavior of your customers.
You can also add an LTV (lifetime value) filter to only match the high spending customers.

Lookalike Audiences
The process of scaling our Facebook Ads always took us hours of daily manual work. So we thought… How cool would it be, if there was an app that created all of these audiences, ad set variations and split tests for us and all we do is just provide instructions and let it work?
That is when the idea of Scalify was born.
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Yassir Ennazk

Founder @ Serious Venture

DPA Retargeting Ads in One Click!

Dynamic Product Ad Campaigns are retargeting campaigns for people who have viewed a certain product on your website. When they go to Facebook, they will see a carousel ad with that same product first and other relevant products next to it. Big companies like Amazon and Ebay do this all the time and they are one of the most powerful retargeting strategies an ecommerce business can use with Facebook Ads.

And while other apps charge you per adspend when you want to create a retargeting campaign… Scalify charges you nothing on your adpsend. You can spend $100 or a million dollars on your retargeting campaigns that you built extra fast with Scalify and not have to pay us a single cent. Think about all of the money you could save just for using Scalify vs other opportunistic apps.

Lookalike Audiences

Scaling in a few clicks

Provide your instructions to Scalify then sit back and watch it do the work. No more fiddling with product IDs or content IDs. No more creating ad sets and setting audiences manually. No more missing out on profitable audiences. It's all done automatically for you.

Lookalike Audiences

What They Say About Us

Simple, honest, affordable pricing.

Get more out of Facebook Ads and start scaling your campaigns TODAY!

Discounted Price

marker line USD 97 /month USD 29 /month
  • Unlimited Campaigns and Ad Sets
  • Customer Lifetime Value Based Lookalikes
  • Website Traffic Events Lookalike Audiences
  • Video Views Lookalike Audiences
  • Retargeting with Dynamic Product Ads
  • Retargeting with Page Post
  • Custom Conversions
  • Generate Ad Sets and Ads for New Audiences
  • Detailed Video Tutorials
  • Very Reactive Customer Support
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* This is a launch price. It will go back to $97 soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a free trial?

    Yes! When you install Scalify, you will have a 7 days free trial where you can test the app and see what it is capable of. If for some reason you think it is not for you, just uninstall it from your store during your trial and you will never be charged.

  • Does Scalify work with other ecommerce platforms?

    As of right now, Scalify is only available for Shopify stores. We are working on a version dedicated to all other platforms that will be available soon.

  • Does Scalify follow the Facebook TOS?

    Absolutely! Scalify follows Facebook's terms of service. The app only uses Facebook's official API and Facebook itself has reviewed and approved Scalify.

  • I have another question

    If you have any questions, feel free to use our support page to contact us.


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