Jeff Shipman

5 min read
Guest · August 17, 2021

How Automation Can Boost Your Digital Marketing and Advertising Efforts

In 2021, promoting your business online is crucial.

While traditional forms of marketing and advertising can continue to support your strategy, embracing digital publicity can help you reach your customers in a whole new way.

And by taking advantage of the latest technology, you can execute your strategy even more efficiently.

Automation can be the very thing to take your advertising and marketing campaigns to the next level.

Although it may feel overwhelming to try something new, your strategy needs to evolve in order to keep building on your success.

Let’s take a closer look at why you might consider automating certain aspects of your digital marketing and advertising – and how this technology is often used to further performance.


Why Automate Your Digital Marketing and Advertising?

First, let’s talk about the benefits of automation.

Generally speaking, it makes sense to automate simpler or repetitive tasks.

Doing so will typically speed up the process and significantly reduce potential errors – both of which will increase productivity and profitability.

The word “automation” strikes fear into the hearts of many factory workers and office employees alike. While no one wants to take away any worker’s job, the reality is that their talents can often be put to better use elsewhere.

By implementing automation, you can redistribute valuable resources, promote skill development, and divert savings back into your business.

In many cases, your staff may actually become more engaged as a result. An endless stream of monotonous tasks won’t help your team feel connected to your mission.

If you can automate the aspects of their jobs that bog them down, they’ll be free to feel more passionate about and in control of the work they’re doing.

As it pertains to marketing and advertising specifically, automation is incredibly compelling.

According to data, around 68% of companies are using automation in some way, but a staggering 92% of marketing agencies are putting more resources toward the integration of marketing automation.

Why is automation becoming a trend in the marketing world? Because it works. Customer statistics compiled by one agency found that adding automation into their marketing increased their sales revenues by an average of 34%. Although that may not be the standard figure across the board, it’s hard to argue that increasing both efficiency and effectiveness wouldn’t have a positive impact on earnings.

Other reports show that automated marketing and advertising initiatives can result in more clicks and more sales with considerably less effort and time spent. Data shows that 80% of those who use marketing automation increase their leads, while 77% boost their conversions. What’s more, estimates show that advertising automation can actually reduce business costs by up to $130,000 a year.

By 2022, experts predict that 80% of all advertising processes will feature some kind of automation. Furthermore, 91% of those who use marketing automation report that it’s a “very important” part of their digital marketing strategy. If you ignore the need for automation, you might quickly fall behind and find it difficult to catch up.


How is Automation Commonly Used in Marketing and Advertising?

In order to stay competitive and build your business, you may want to incorporate automation into your promotional strategy. But how exactly can you start using automated technologies to enhance your efforts? Here are just a few ideas that are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Personalized Email Marketing

Long gone are the days when businesses could get away with a generic email blast.

Because we may receive hundreds of emails on an average day, marketers need to cut through the noise and grab the recipient’s attention.

One of the simplest ways to do that is through automation.

Automated technologies can allow you to personalize your emails in a way that both saves time and yields more impressive results.

Personalized marketing messages are actually the top technique used by email marketing experts who want to improve performance metrics.

You can personalize your emails in the subject line, throughout the body of the email, or by segmenting your subscriber list. With just a few clicks, you can instruct your automation software to apply these features to as many or as few emails as you’d like.

Personalized email subject lines are correlated to higher open rates, while personalized email content and list segmentation can result in more website traffic and sales.

Since 83% of consumers are actually willing to share their data if it results in a more personalized experience, it’s not surprising that marketers are using automated tools to collect this customer data and apply it to their campaigns.

Rather than waste hours on manual email personalization, you can invest in tools that can apply personalized components to every email you send to your customers. When you take the time to make a customer feel special and truly seen, they’ll be far more likely to support your brand.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising basically refers to digital ads that are bought and sold through automated means.

The process includes data collection and analysis to zero in on the best audience for a given campaign. Then, online advertising inventory can be purchased via auction all at once and across multiple platforms. The idea is that this automated form of ad buying will allow you to reach your target audience more effectively while providing more in-depth insights.

If the idea of programmatic advertising sounds confusing or intimidating, you may want to consider that researchers estimated that programmatic advertising would represent 84% of all display ads by 2019. Our dependence on digital shopping during 2020 will have almost certainly made that upward trajectory continue.

It’s worth noting that programmatic advertising isn’t perfect, which means you’ll still need support from digital marketing and advertising professionals. However, it can definitely simplify the process of advertising campaign setup and monitoring while creating higher-quality connections with your ideal customers.

Content Marketing

Developing a solid content marketing strategy can be tough on your own, which is why many businesses will entrust an SEO reseller to take on this responsibility. But whether you handle your own strategy or you outsource to an expert, you may still benefit from utilizing automation when executing your plans.

Although it’s not wise to completely remove the human element from your content marketing, there are certain tasks that can be more effectively executed with automation. You can use automated tools to improve workflow, promote posts on social media, discover new topics for blog posts, or create short snippets of content that don’t necessarily require as much of a personal touch.

Could Automated Marketing and Advertising Help Your Business Grow?

Automation probably won’t provide a magic solution – but it can be a huge help if your business has plateaued or you’re looking to try something new.

If you’re unable or unwilling to hire in-house but you can’t afford to lose your awesome employees, automation can often take care of the more tedious tasks for an affordable price. It can also give your marketing or advertising a much-needed boost; since automation tools can collect and analyze data, they can help you find the most effective ways to reach and entice your customers.

With all this information in mind, it’s easy to see how automation could become an important part of your promotional strategy. Even when it’s used in small doses, it can provide a pretty incredible cure for what’s ailing your business.