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History Overview

Learn how to keep up with your created tasks and speed up your workflow with the History tab.

History allows you to keep up with every task you create in one place.

History Tutorial

Task display

View all the tasks you’ve created so far displayed in an organized list with details such as:

  • Names
  • Facebook ad account
  • Store or website
  • Status
  • Creation date.

Task Status

Here are the different task statuses and what they mean:

  • Done: Task is created successfully
  • Failed: Task crashed during the creation
  • Stopped: Task was suspended mid creation
  • Pending: Task is pending creation and not done yet
  • Error encountered: The task contains an error that prevents it from launching
  • Rolled back: Task canceled.

Note: When you get the Error encountered status on a task, click on the Fix Erros button. The app will take you back to the section that has the error, allowing you to fix it and launch the task without having to start over.

Task Filters

To enhance navigation, you can filter your tasks by status, ad account, and website.

Task Actions

After clicking on a task, you can perform multiple actions that improve your workflow:

  • Create a similar task: Duplicate a task without having to start from scratch
  • Rollback all actions: Cancel a task to prevent launching it
  • Delete Task: Permanently delete the task.