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Subaccounts Plan Overview

Get an overview of the subaccounts plan, who it's for, and what you can accomplish with it.

Plan Overview

A sub-accounts subscription enables users to manage multiple Scalify accounts under 1 admin account.

Each subaccount is 100% separate of other subaccounts under the same admin and cannot be access unless you share your login information or if you get invited to the subaccount as a teammate or admin.

If you create all subaccounts with the same email address as the admin, you'll enable the Switch Accounts button that enables you to easily go from one account to another without having to log in and log out each time.

Regular Plan Vs Subaccount Plan

A subaccount plan owner can:

  • Access different Scalify accounts from one place
  • Resell to clients or other professionals
  • Maintain separate clients assets (campaigns, automation, analytics data, etc.), by assigning one sub-account per client.

In a regular plan, you'll have to manually switch from one ad account to another, and from one website to another to make sure you're using the right assets while creating a task.

Who Can Use Subaccounts?

Subaccount plans are perfect for resellers and agencies.

Sub-Accounts for Resellers

Individuals and agencies can purchase a subaccount plan for reselling purposes.

Resellers don’t have access to sold accounts unless the new account owner invites them to their account.

i.e. you can’t access an account created with a signup ID that is different than yours.

Sub-Accounts for Agencies

Agencies can now sign-up for a sub-accounts plan that fits their client portfolio.

As an agency, you can keep each client's data 100% separate by assigning/creating 1 subaccount per client.

Switching Accounts

Agencies have full access to all subaccounts, as long as they’re all created with the same email address as the admin.

To switch from one account to another, use the Switch Account button in the top-right drop-down.

Switch from one Scalify account to another using the top-right dropdown

Switch from one Scalify account to another

Note: To enable the Switch Account button, ensure that all subaccounts are created with the same email address.

Inviting Clients to an Account

To invite a client to Scalify, you can add them as a teammate and give them specific permissions (e.g. view analytics only) through the Team settings.

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Plan Tiers

You can choose between the following plans:

  • 10 Sub-accounts with USD 500,000 in monthly ad spend limit
  • 20 Sub-accounts with USD 1 Million in monthly ad spend limit
  • 50 Sub-accounts with USD 5 Million in monthly ad spend limit.

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Sub-Account Add-Ons

You can add 2 subaccounts to your current plan by purchasing an add-on.

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To stay updated on new improvements & features coming to sub-account plans, you can visit our Product Roadmap.