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Introduction to Scalify

Overview of what Scalify is, what you can do with it, and who can use it.

We're so excited to have you on board! To get you started, we created a series of guides to help you — starting with this overview of what Scalify is, what you can do with it, and who can use it.

Please note that this article is an introduction to Scalify. If you want to learn how to start using Scalify, please refer to our quick start guide here.

What is Scalify?

Scalify is a web-based app that helps you launch, retarget, analyze, optimize, and scale your Facebook and Instagram ads effortlessly, in a fully automated workflow that saves time on repetitive tasks and eliminates ad spend waste.

To help you achieve this, Scalify combines the power of effective automation and the simplicity of a clear interface to boost your productivity and achieve your marketing goals.

Scalify is currently available in English and can be accessed on desktop and mobile browsers.

What Can You Do With Scalify?

With Scalify, you can automate your entire ad creation and optimization workflow, thanks to these core features:

  • Launch to create, split test and launch interest targeting, retargeting, retention, and scaling ad campaigns 10X faster than the ads manager

  • Analyze to collect data from your e-commerce store, Facebook, and Google Analytics and provide you with a single source of truth you can rely on. Monitor your KPIs, measure your performance, and calculate your profit and COGS in real-time

  • Automate to manage, optimize, and scale your ad campaigns with pre-built autopilot strategies that require one click to activate

  • Scale to scale your campaigns with lookalike audiences and activate pre-built scaling strategies.

Who Can Use Scalify?

The short answer is anyone who uses Facebook & Instagram ads to promote anything. Scalify can be used by:

  • Small businesses who wish to scale with a simple solution that acts as a second team member who takes care of your advertising on a budget

  • Scaling companies who want to apply elaborate advertising strategies with precise A/B testing while remaining reactive to trends in realtime

  • Freelance media buyers who work on multiple projects simultaneously and need a mess-free solution that automates time-consuming tasks

  • Advertising Agencies who need a productive system to collaborate as a team and report to clients

  • Content Creators who wish to reach a wider audience with ads.