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Website Traffic Lookalikes

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to create website traffic lookalike audiences automatically to target highly qualified prospects on Facebook and maximize your conversion rates.

What are Lookalike Audiences?

A Lookalike Audience is an audience of people who are similar to a database of people that you provide to Facebook.

What is a Traffic Lookalike Audience?

A Traffic Lookalike Audience means Facebook will match your store’s visitors with its giant database and find similarities between these people who visited your store, then create a wider audience of people similar to your visitors.

Why Should I bother making one?

Traffic Lookalike Audiences = Way more money!

I’m pretty sure you heard of the famous equation of traffic equals money, while it’s true to a certain extent, it’s not always the most rewarding way to go about it.

Now, what if all of your traffic was very similar to people who actually click through that ad and possibly even purchase? Well, you get a huge audience of people guaranteed to click through!

Another thing is using your budget in a more efficient way, instead of putting your ad out there and waiting for anybody to click, you’re putting your ad out there to the people who will, for sure, click.

Just like that, you saved yourself the cost of reaching out to people who will never click on your ad.

The only question I have is why the hell nobody is talking about website Traffic Lookalike Audiences? Seriously? This campaign type will blow your sales up!

Before Creating Website Traffic Lookalike Audiences

Note: To create a lookalike audience, you must have a source audience of at least 100 people, that Facebook can use to find prospects similar to your source audience.

The bigger your source audience is, the better is the lookalike audience you’ll create.

However, having 1000 people on your source audience can usually drive great results.

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