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Video Views Lookalikes

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to create video views lookalike audiences automatically to target interested prospects on Facebook, generate social proof on your promotional videos, and increase your website traffic.

What are Lookalike Audiences?

A Lookalike Audience is an audience of people who are similar to a database of people that you provide to Facebook.

What Are Video Views Lookalike Audiences?

Generating Video Views Lookalike Audiences means Facebook will match your video viewers with its giant database and find similarities between these people who watch your video for a specific amount of time, then create a wider audience of people similar to your viewers.

This new audience is a Video Views Lookalike Audience.

Why are they essential in your marketing arsenal?

Your ads will not randomly show up in people’s feeds, the algorithm only shows your ads to a specific audience of people who are similar to your viewers who already watched your video for a certain percentage.

This makes them more likely to be interested in your product and more likely to become your customers. Most of all, they won’t just scroll past it. They’re interested in what you have to give!

The awesome take is you can create audiences based on how much a person has watched your video. Why is this a huge thing? You can create retargeting ads based on every segment of this audience. This will not only expand your audience base but also your customer base.

Before Creating a Video Views Lookalike Audience

Note: To create a lookalike audience, you must have a source audience of at least 100 people, that Facebook can use to find prospects similar to your source audience.

The bigger your source audience is, the better is the lookalike audience you’ll create.

However, having 1000 people on your source audience can usually drive great results.

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