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Facebook Pixel Requirement

Learn about the Scalify features that require a Facebook Pixel to run.

Some Scalify features require you to have a Facebook Pixel installed on your website or store in order for Facebook to be able to correctly track events on your website and better optimize your ads.

This Facebook Pixel needs to be assigned to the ad account you added to Scalify as well.

The following features require a Facebook Pixel to be installed:

  • Creating a campaign of the “Conversions” objective
  • Creating a custom audience of “Website Traffic” type
  • Creating a custom conversion
  • Setting up dynamic retargeting.

Installing the Facebook Pixel

Scalify uses your platform’s native Facebook Pixel integration. Learn more on how to install your Facebook Pixel on your platform’s link below:

A note to Wix users

You need to have a domain added to your Wix site in order to be able to add the Facebook pixel.