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Get the need-to-know information about Scalify's core features that'll help you launch, analyze, automate, and scale your ads.

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To create and launch ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and the Audience Network.

Create up to 200 ad sets and 20 ad creatives in one go with Scalify's automatic workflow.

Thanks to the dynamic split testing system, each ad set and ad variation created is unique.

Here are the tools that enable you to generate unique ad/ad set variations automatically:

  • The Creatives Builder: Generate unique ad creative variations from scratch
  • Audience Templates: Pre-built, laser-targeted custom and lookalike audiences
  • Audience Builder: Dynamic audience builder that'll help you customize audience templates
  • The Automatic Campaign Setup to set up your ad sets' structure in one click
  • Templates to save ads, audiences, and ad sets setups to reuse while launching new tasks.

Enabling you to launch the following campaigns:

  • Targeting
  • Retargeting
  • Dynamic Retargeting
  • Retention
  • Simple Scaling
  • Bulk Scaling.


  • Custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences.


  • Custom Conversions.


To track and analyze your business performance.

Scalify collects data from your Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and your eCommerce store and displays it in Analyze; an analytics suite made of of 4 sub-features:

  • Overview: a clear drag-and-drop dashboard that you can easily digest and rely on to make data-driven decisions
  • Ads Manager: a space that displays your Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads
  • Campaign Analysis: enables you to break down a specific campaign's performance
  • Compare Metrics: allows you to compare the metrics of multiple campaigns and ad sets.


To prevent ad spend loss and scale your ROAS more profitably.

Optimize your ads automatically by activating pre-made strategies that monitor your ads on a frequency of your choice, to optimize for the best results with your budget.

With the strategies library, you can instantly activate strategies that automatically:

  • Quickstart top-performing campaigns with high ROAS by restarting them if they were paused or increasing their ad spend. Pause underperforming campaigns with low ROAS
  • Scale by duplicating top-performing campaigns and ad sets and increasing their ad spend
  • Safety insurance by pausing unprofitable ads, ad sets, and campaigns that delivered low ROAS within 3 days
  • Awaken paused campaigns that achieved top ROAS or cost per purchase in the last 14 days.


To scale your ads and increase your profit.

Scale your ads more with laser-targeted lookalike audiences, bulk lookalike audience creation, and scaling strategies.

Scalify's automatic lookalike audience creation enables you to generate up to 200 lookalike audiences that are interested in your offers.

  • Lookalike Audience Templates: Generate a large audience of people based on a custom audience that performed a specific action
  • Audience Builder: Customize a template to create a laser-targeted lookalike audience
  • Bulk Scaling: Generate up to 200 unique lookalike audiences in one go
  • 20% Country Reach: Create lookalike audience that reach up to 20% of a country's population. That's double the percentage allowed via the Ads Manager
  • Scaling Strategies: Enable an automation strategy to identify and scale top-performing ads.


To organize your products and landing pages.

The Offers tab is a space where your products and landing pages are saved and organized.

To add an offer, you can:

For each offer, you’ll find the following KPIs and assets attached:

  • Total Revenue
  • COGS
  • Audiences
  • Custom Conversions
  • Page Posts.

This allows for further organization and provides you with a general overview of each Offer’s performance.

Offers allow you to speed up task creation, keep advertising assets organized by product/landing page, enhance performance tracking for ads.


To view the status of your created tasks and perform actions.

Keep up with the creation status of audiences, ad sets, and campaigns reated with Scalify.

Here are the different task statuses and what they mean:

  • Done: Task is created successfully
  • Failed: Task crashed during the creation
  • Stopped: Task was suspended mid creation
  • Pending: Task is pending creation and not done yet
  • Error encountered: The task contains an error that prevents it from launching
  • Rolled back: Task canceled.

To enhance navigation, you can filter your tasks by status, ad account, and website.