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Offers Introduction

Get an overview of the Offers feature.

Offers are a space where your products and landing pages are organized and accessible while launching ad campaigns.

Adding Offers

Adding your products or landing pages to Scalify as Offers is simple and easy to do.

In fact, you can:

  • Sync Products Automatically
  • Add Products Manually
  • Add Landing Page.

Sync Products Automatically

If you’re using Scalify with a supported eCommerce platform, your products will be synced as Offers automatically.

Currently, Scalify supports the following eCommerce platforms:

When you connect one o these website with Scalify, Scalify will sync all your products into the Offers tab while maintaining each product's data.

Add Products Manually

If you’re using a non-supported eCommerce platform, you can add products in two ways:

  • Using a CSV file to add products in bulk
  • Adding each product manually.

To add your products manually using one of the methods mentioned above, please view this guide.

Add Landing Page

If your business is not eCommerce based and you use landing pages to sell, you can add them as Offers following this guide.

Using Offers

Offers allow you to save up time copy-pasting product IDs and web page URLs.

They also come in handy to:

  • Organize advertising assets
  • Launch ad campaigns with a product or landing page
  • Create a catalog.

Organize Assets

With each product or landing page, you can attach the following assets:

  • Page Posts
  • Videos
  • Custom Conversions
  • Audiences
  • COGS
  • Tasks.

These assets update over time as you use Scalify to create new tasks.

In addition to organized assets, each Offer has a snippet of important analytics data that reflect your landing page or product’s performance:

  • Sales over time
  • Top Countries with Sold Units
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Sold Units.

These metrics update over time as Scalify tracks your Offers.

Launch Campaign with an Offer

In the six-step campaign creation workflow, choosing an Offer is the first step.

This allows you to launch a campaign for one — or multiple — product or landing, without having to copy-paste IDs or URLs.

Note: If you’re launching a campaign with an Offer that has page posts, videos, custom conversions, or audiences attached, those assets will be set as the default assets for your campaign if you choose to not edit them.

You can promote your offer by launching one of the following campaigns:

Create Catalog

Launching a dynamic retargeting campaign requires you to create a feed, a catalog, then the campaign itself.

With Scalify, you can skip the feed step and go straight to creating a catalog from your Offers.

You can either:

  • Create a catalog of all your products
  • Create a catalog of specific collections of products.

To create a catalog with only a collection of your products, you can start by labeling the products within the collection with a tag in the Offers tab.

Learn how to tag your Offers in Scalify by clicking on this guide.