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Why Can't I Launch Lookalike Audiences?

Facebook is transitioning to a new type of lookalike audiences that does not require you to specify a location.

Instead of using the location from your lookalike audience, Facebook will instead use the location on your ad set settings.

Facebook is slowly moving ad accounts to this new setup, so your ad account may or may not have this update yet.

The Facebook API Update

The Facebook API, the bridge between Scalify apps and Facebook, has not been updated yet to support lookalike audiences with no location yet. Therefore, ad accounts that were moved to the new setup cannot create lookalike audiences via Scalify apps yet.

The API documentation states that this update has been delayed.

Documentation link:

You can follow this bug report that has been opened while Facebook is working on this update.

What Should I Do?

We are keeping an eye of all updates to the Facebook API and we will update Scalify apps as soon as the new lookalike audiences are supported.

We appreciate your patience as we wait for this issue to be resolved from Facebook’s end.